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EDTECH 542 Course Reflection

It’s been 8 short weeks, and I can truly say that I have learned enough in the course to change my view of PBL.  I started out skeptical about project learning because of personal experience with lackluster or poorly designed projects.  I now know that project-based learning requires a high level of design and thought prior to implementation.  Teachers need to think about the outcomes, the presentations, and the purpose of students doing a project.  What I understand best about PBL is that it requires purposeful design built around a carefully-crafted and open-ended driving question.  The part I understand least or the part I am least comfortable with is relinquishing class time and control to the project.  I believe this stems from a desire to ensure that we don’t waste time; successfully completing a project should alleviate this issue.

I am not sure what I expected to learn in class as I began skeptical of PBL.  I guess I expected long discussions about constructivist theory and cooperative learning.  What I actually learned is that PBL is not throwing a project into my lesson plans so that I don’t have to teach that day.  PBL requires thought, deliberate action, constant monitoring and reflection, frequent feedback opportunities, and teacher-student engagement.  I learned that every project done in a class is not PBL, even if the project has merit.

I plan to teach this project in my honors classes this year.  I built my project around a book that we already read and a line of inquiry that we already pursue.  The project will take that inquiry much further than we have in the past and should also be fun and engaging for the students.

All-in-all, I have had a great experience in this class.  I feel that my eyes have been opened to benefits of true project work, and I am excited to incorporate PBL into my teaching.

Here is the link to my project.

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