PBL Reflections

How can I effectively debrief and reflect upon the project as a whole?

I think the first step is to complete my own self-reflection of the project.  As a teacher, I will complete the same reflection as my students do at the end of the project.  It’s important that the students look back on the project and their performance in order for them to see how far they’ve come and how much they’ve learned during the course.  I plan to review these reflections personally to solicit information on the project itself and ways to improve it in subsequent years.  Also, we will have a full class debriefing on the project where I will draw questions and comments anonymously from the reflections.Pictures

Once this process is complete, I will also complete the BIE teacher review of the project.  The review and reflections are meant to help me see the effectiveness of both the overall project and the pieces that comprise the project.  I plan to have concluding discussions with the Law teacher and the History day judges to garner their thoughts on the project and determine if changes need to be made.  These people are all teachers and can offer professional advice and support for the project.

The process of reflection should be done throughout the project.  It’s not just a one time assessment of what happened.  I plan to keep a project journal throughout that details the process and effectiveness of the project.  It’s possible that students only need 3 days of research or maybe they need 5?  Perhaps there are examples and documents that will assist them or we could have students showcase their work more throughout for examples and evaluations?  My journal will reflect these types of suggestions and culminate in the self-reflection and teacher review (both found on the BIE website).

The process of reflection is vital to the project as it allows for a final review of all the materials and activities.  Good teachers should work formative assessment and reflection into every project or assignment as these are the tools for improvement.  I don’t think I will ever be done reflecting on my course materials as there is always something I can add, remove, or change to make the experience better for the students and for me.

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