My PBL Site and plan

Well, this week was really busy!  We had quite a bit of work to do to get our project-based learning ideas started and planned.  (Here’ the link to my PBL site).  I decided to call mine:  Guilty as Charged?  While not entirely original, it does spark a little interest about the justice served up in The Merchant of Venice.  I am having a hard time coming up with the presentation part of the project.  My idea for a mock-trial is more of an activity than a PBL deliverable.  So, I am thinking about having students find a current event that deals with injustice in some way.  Students will have to apply what they’ve learned about justice from their research about the play to propose a just solution for the current event.  Also, students will need to create a presentation that compares Shakespearean justice with modern justice.  It’s still a work in progress.

We’ve been asked to consider this question:  Is it still PBL without an authentic audience?

Based on my research about PBL, I say that no, it isn’t truly PBL without an authentic audience.  The authentic audience raises the stakes for everyone involved in the project and allows for authentic feedback.  That being said, I am having a hard time finding another audience for my project.  I just don’t know who would be a good choice of audience for a literature project.  My first inclination is to use real lawyers or judges for the mock-trial, but the PBL deliverable is going to be at the History Fair.  So, this is still something I am working on…

I have found some great tools that I think will help students with their presentations.  I really like Wordle for definitions of justice.  I also like the idea of video and infographics for the final history deliverable.  I like WeVideo for video and Visual.y for infographics.  I plan to keep adding resources to my PBL site as I continue to develop the project.  These are currently listed under Instructor Resources>>Tools & Resources.

I am looking forward to developing this project more thoroughly.

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