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EDTECH 543: Final Reflection

Final reflection upon EDTECH 543

Well, I am normally a lurker, and I, frankly, don’t have the time to spend on social networking sites.  I would far rather bury myself in a book than jump on the computer.  That being said, I believe that this class has helped me to see the true value of social networking.  In today’s American culture, the term social networking is commonly misused in my opinion.  I feel that people engage in the social just fine; however, most people aren’t truly networking.  This class has helped me to realize that there are many valuable resources to help make my life easier and help me to be more effective in my areas of interest whether they are professional or personal.

I am now active in an AP Literature forum for AP teachers.  I have already gotten valuable feedback from my peers that I have used in my classroom.  I absolutely loved the unit on curation.  I am trying to maintain my own ScoopIt regarding teaching English.  Time gets away from me when I’m grading essays, but I have been making more regular time for archiving information.  I have even offered to teach a workshop to our high school seniors about social networking for college success.  I would love them to see that there is more to Facebook than chatting with people they see at school all day.  If I can help them set up social networks with their chosen college before they even get to college, I think that would really help set them up for success.

I think the main point that I will take away with me is the idea that participation doesn’t have to be a full time job.  I can participate as much as I have time for, and if I am properly filtering my interests, I can eliminate information overload.

In terms of the coursework, I am actually not very sold on the idea of a MOOC.  I hope to do more research to be able to see the advantage for students as well as teachers.  The idea of taking a class with so many other students isn’t really attractive to me, and I can’t image how hard it must be to facilitate so many students.  I do appreciate the work on the MOOC, though, as it is such a hot topic in education.  I now feel prepared to be a part of that conversation.

As a high school teacher, I am unlikely to teach a MOOC anytime soon, so a lesson on integrating social networking in K-12 would have really been a benefit.  One thing that I would like to have done in this class is something about integrating social networking into my own classroom teaching.  I can absolutely see how social networking is beneficial based on my own use, and I don’t think I would see that as clearly without having first done it myself.

I have truly had a great experience in this course, and I plan to keep up with my social networking and my curation.  My Twitter activity has also increased, and I am following some incredible discussions about teaching Language Arts.  Personally, I find Twitter to be the most helpful resource to me in finding and disseminating information.

Thank you!

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