RSS Feeds for Education

October 19, 2011

Hi Everyone,
I loved the RSS assignment. I honestly marvel at people who have the time to search the web for information. I have those friends who must spend hours just searching for the latest articles and videos. Hopefully, they are set up on something like Google Reader because I can’t imagine the time they’d spend without a reader. I really like this option for keeping up to date on the things that I want to know about without having to go find it on a constant basis.
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I think that teachers could easily use RSS in the classroom. There could be a class blog posted or moderated by the teacher in which the students all need to subscribe. Similarly, if a class is using a particular weblog for information for course projects, the RSS could simplify the process of accessing required information. Since I am a high school teacher, I am leery of requiring my students to access anything on the web that has any type of insecure information. So, I would have to give a lot of thought to making a RSS feed required.

Students could be subscribers or contributors to a feed. Just as our class has a WordPress bundle, this could be an exciting way for students to become authors and readers of each others work. I also think that students would be encouraged to create blog/journals to reflect on their classwork and or topics of interest to them. So, the RSS feed becomes a great tool for students to use in collaborating and even peer reviewing each others work.

Truly, I feel that the best thing to be gained from knowing and using the RSS is knowledge. I am often completely unattached to the digital world purely because I lack the time to search the net.  Using RSS feeds is a quick way for me to get the information I need from the people or sites I value. It’s a tremendous time saver that delivers knowledge to the reader.

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